Digital nomad conference crossing the Atlantic Ocean


Barcelona, Tenerife, Cape Verde, Brasil
14 shooting day, 1 month editing

Technical specification

Online screening
13:46 minute, 1080p, full HD, 25fps

Project details

  • Director - cameraman: Csapó András
  • Editor: Csapó András
  • Shooting date: 2019
  • Web: nomadcruise.com

The concept of working remotely has established over the last years and without a doubt: the number of people who can work location independently is growing fast. People from different fields quit their jobs or change their positions to live the nomad lifestyle.

Nomad Cruise jumps in, where decisions have been made: living life on the road, independently, free. But lonely? Nope. We are a networking catalyst. We put 200 people on a boat and introduce them to each other. We create an environment of learning, sharing, creating, and connecting.


Ha bármiben segíthetünk, keress minket bizalommal!

Tel: +36203732921 E-mail: andras@csapostudio.hu